There are thousand ways to tell a city. Especially one like Barcelona. City design, city poem, romance city, open and complex city. Diverse and inspiring city that brings together the fine arts, literature, theater, cinema, festivals and cuisine, where there are people from all around the world.


A thousand ways to create a story of the city and in Demano we have our own and hopeful one. The one told by banners ofi its official events  inviting you to walk it, recreate it and set meeting points, later becoming a bag or accessory that will continue with you its journey through the world .


In 1999, we walked the streets of Barcelona, ​​when by chance, found a discarded advertisement banner. We checked its strength, flexibility, impermeability and excellent design. Our hands touched other textures of the city. Demano was born and it’s Collection of banners.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 334 items