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CINTES lamps fill any interior with a warm and diffused light. They are made with the strips of paper that are discarded in the production of electronic plates of the automotive industry. The assembly is carried out in collaboration with the Ampans Foundation. The waste becomes a unique and beautiful object. Each piece is unique and handmade.

Reuse of waste: the material used is strips of paper, polystyrene and polyethylene and some other residue that is very difficult to separate due to the characteristics of the process, which are generated in the company DENSO, in the insertion of electronic components to the electronic boards.

Currently, some 80 tons / year of these residues are being produced, equivalent to 39,000 ml, representing approximately 10% of the waste generated in DNBA.

For the manufacture of a lamp we use an average of 30 ml. (equal to 1300 products per year).

Not generating new raw materials, our aim is to lengthen the life of existing ones, we reduce the energy expenditure and transport of materials. All the production movements would be carried out over a distance of 5 km (DENSO-AMPANS).

Socioeconomic Impact: with the transformation of the waste, we are not only converting them into objects with aesthetic value, but also transforming their economic value. What once required a single step, throw it away. Now it passes through several hands that transforms it and gives it a new life.   

By training a group of AMPANS workers to transform the material donated by DENSO, the waste becomes an object of value.

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